2011 Toyota Camry - Need a new dash

looking for a good dash board … that is not sticky

Ask your shop to check the auto-recyclers’ car-parts database, pretty good chance there’s a used unit from wrecked Camry available. Lots of Camry’s out there, so there may be aftermarket new dashboards for a Camry as well, don’ know, Google would likely tell you. Another idea, it is sometimes possible to repair a damaged dashboard, esp if the main problem are surface cracks that are widening w/time.

Lexus had recalls related to the dashboard getting sticky. It seems reasonable that Toyota might have had the same issue, so I suggest checking with your dealer to see if there might be any recalls that apply to you.

Toyota did, And 2011 Camry was one of the covered ones, But

  • Toyota’s primary coverage extended the warranty for any owner of one of the listed vehicles, regardless of mileage or when the vehicle was first used. The primary coverage ended on May 31, 2017.

You are likely looking at ± $2000 for a new dash. A dash overlay is an almost as good repair, and much cheaper. Dash overlay

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You might talk to a detailer and see what they recommend, how much they charge, and how effective the cleaning will be. Also of interest is how much like an undamaged dashboard the finished product will be. It’s 12 years old now and you shouldn’t expect it to look like new, but with a single color reasonably like the original and similar feel. Once you fix it, keep the dash cool. I use a windshield cover to prevent overheating the dash in my 2017 Accord and it looks and feels like new.

I’d seriously consider the cap/overlay, both to save money and to avoid potential issues created by all the work needed to replace the dash, it could be a pretty involved process.

IMHO. spending a LOT of $$ to replace the dash in a 12 year old car does not make good economic sense. An overlay would be much more practical.

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