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2007 Scion tC sunroof won't close

If I open the sunroof, it will not close, the button will not respond to pressure (to close it) . Only after banging on ot and with A LOT of luck it will close

Replace the button

You’ll need to replace the entire overhead control panel, PN 81260-21050-B0, nomenclature LAMP ASSY, MAP.

I changed mine some years back due to erratic switch operation. I still have the old one, hoping to replace the rocker switch and have a “backup” on hand, but was unable to obtain a switch alone. It’s a simple design, but pretty much impossible to repair.

I recommend that you order the panel ahead and use it to see how it’s removed and installed in the overhead spot. It pops in and out once you know exactly where to pry, but without a sample to go by it’s tough to tell. I’ve attached a photo. The three white “pillars” are push-in clips that slide onto the panel assembly and pop into holes in the support structure. I don’t know how clear it is in the photo, which is why I recommend getting the new assembly before removing the old one.

The actual switches are pushbuttons, the four black SW1-SW4 buttons on the board in photo two. If you can find pushbuttons that’ll fit, let me know where. I was unable to.
The buttons are normally-off, single-pole microbuttons. The design will tolerate reasonable variation in the button diameter, but the lead spacing has to be correct for mounting in the holes on the printed wiring board, and the button height has to be correct to allow the rocker to not compress the button when static and to do so when pressed.


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You can replace the individual switches. Digikey part number P15958SCT-ND. Or manufacturer (Panasonic) number EVQ-PV205K.