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2007 Saturn ION CEL

I had my oil changed and when I started my car the check engine light came on and has stayed on. I have taken it to my repair shop and they have used the scantool to check the error, which is -"P0315-Crankshaft Position System Variation Not Learned " They don’t seem to be able to zero out the error. The shop changed the sensor and the crankshaft and even took it to another shop, but the second shop couldn’t clear it either. The electrics have been checked nothing was found wrong. The shop said I could go ahead and drive it but it makes me uncomfortable. Any clues as what else to check?

The crankshaft position system variation learn procedure must be done with a scan tool. Your shop may not have a scan tool capable of performing this. You may have to take you car to a GM dealer.

Whoa! Did anyone else catch that? “they changed the sensor and the crankshaft”? If that is not a typo, I’d probably not frequent that shop in the future. I’m pretty sure they didn’t change the crankshaft unless the owner had a boat payment due. I’d start with the connectors and make sure nothing was left off. About the only time I haven’t been able to reset the CEL, was if the sensor had a hard fail, connector was bad or CPU was bad. I’m thinking something here was overlooked.