Crank shaft sensor

engin diagnostics show code indicating error in crank shaft. mechanic got the dashboard icon to go out for about 1/2 hour and it keep comming on relighting after disconnecting the diagnostic cable thingy. He recommends replacing the crank shaft in the block. ( I was told there is also one in the engine)

You need to get a better idea of what is happening, or find a new mechanic. All engines have a single crankshaft. The pistons are attached to it, and it sends power to the transmission. The sensor your talking about is probably the crankshaft POSITION sensor. This sensor lets the ECU know the position of the crankshaft, and the position of the pistons attached to it, as the engine spins. The ECU uses this to know how fast the engine is spinning and when to fire the spark plugs.

The first thing to do is see if the crankshaft position sensor is faulty before replacing it. The code is typically for a circuit malfunction, which may or may not be the sensor. It could be a bad connection or a bad wire. If he wants to rip the engine block apart to replace the crankshaft, find another mechanic and never go back to this one.

BustedKnuckles basically covered it. I would just add that based on this: “He recommends replacing the crank shaft in the block.” - you need to get your car away from this character.

Either that or you need to tell the rest of the story. But there is absolutely nothing about a CkPS circuit/sensor problem that would ever call for replacement of the crank shaft.

THANK YOU SO MUCH…your explaination is very helpful; i now will ask him if he will be checking for a bad wire or connection before replacing the sensor; (estimate for the work is $136.00). if he intends to rip the engine block to replace the crankshaft, i am out the door. by the way, what does ECU stand for?

ECU is just Engine Control Unit. Its almost the same thing as and often used synonymously with PCM, or Powertrain Control Module.

In normal everyday speech, its the car’s computer.

the mechanic had to put in two sensors; one for the pully and one for the block block. i feel so at their mercy and am very angry at not being able to have the insight into who is really excellent at their profession…