Check Engine Code


Hey everyone

I have a 2000 Mercury Villager with a bucking and stalling problem. The check engine light has been on numerous times and has cost me serious money to replace a distributor, crank sensor, etc. The car still bucks and stalls at stops and another check engine light came on. Got it diagnosed at Advanced Auto that said:


Manufacturer Control

Ignition System or Misfire

Does someone know what this is?





My reference program that came with my new CAN OBDII trouble code reader says that P1336 for Ford products is “Crankshaft Position System Variation Not Learned”.


Thanks for the info.
The crank sensor was replaced 2 weeks ago.


If you google P1336, you’ll get several pertinent hits (also, a lot of STUFF you don’t want). This is the clearest one I found (ignore it being about Chevy, it’s still applicable): It seems that the engine computer will have to be relearned to the crankshaft position sensor with a scan tool.