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Help with crank sensor issue

2000 Olds Intrigue, 3.5l, 95K miles

Takes a bit of cranking to start, usually need to step 1/2 way on gas. Intermittent stalling with same hard to start.

Error PO385

Part is about $56.00 and I know I can change it easily.

The re-progam needs a scan tool and has to be done even if old unit is re-installed. This model engine uses a dual sensor in one housing.

Does anyone know if there is a “work around” to this?? I replaced key switch and was able to use a key on cycle to re-program in absence of scan tool as an example. The Chiltons (and AllData) don’t say what might happen if re-program not done. Can I change and drive to shop to re-program?? I hate having to pay for things I am capable of, but I suppose I may not have a choice.


Why do you want to change the crankshaft position sensor? Did you test it and find it defective? You know the old saying, "If it ain’t broke, don’t replace it!"
The DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) P0385 says that there is a signal/voltage problem with the “Crankshaft Position Sensor B Circuit”. I read it twice to make sure that it doesn’t say, “The Crankshaft Position Sensor is broke.” Nope! It doesn’t. So, therefore, test it, test it.
Here is the technical data on the crankshaft position sensor and its circuits:

Thank you for the reply. That link brought me to AZ home page and I could not find the data you refer to. Any other help/direction is appreciated. I followed the add vehicle etc and then may have gotten lost in the how to categories.

Since I’m “registered” at the autozone site, I don’t know when someone, who isn’t registered, will gain access, or not. So, go ahead and register, come back and click on the link, again. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

I hate getting directed to the AZ site. You think you are on to something…you click…it’s Autozone…darn. I never HAD to stick with it and find my way around the site but presumely you can.