2002 Chev Monte C, High Beam/Turn Signal Switch

When high beam is on,sometime the light goes out, has to switch to low beam for light to stay on. Also, lately off and on for a brief perids of time the turn signal stops working, than just as quick it is OK.

I would replace if I was sure it was the switch, but the part alone cost $468.00.

Anyone else having same problem?

I recommend you purchase a service manual for the car to help you with this problem. With that and a test light probe you will be able to find out where the problem is at. Consider the manual as an investment for the car since it will save you time and money in repairs over the years you have the car.

The problem seems to be a bad connection somewhere and by tapping on suspected trouble areas like relays and terminal connections while the trouble is occurring it may help locate the trouble. A manual will show you where to look for the areas to check. You can purchase service info from Alldata.com also.