Highbeams only works sometimes

When i start the car, the highbeams will work, the blue indicator light inside will come on, but if i turn them off, then on again, they might not come on again and the blue light is not on. I can drive for 10-20 min and they will turn themself off, so does the blue light inside.
In the begining when this started, they could stay on for hours, now maybe 20 min before going off.

If i pull the highbeam (light) stalk towards me, and hold it, the highbeams alway works, and the blue indicator light comes on. I took out the relay, opened it and it all looks good, no dirt and you can hear the relay makes the sound when turning on the high beams.

The most common cause for that problem is worn out multi-function switch.


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you probably need a new turn signal headlight switch ( multi-function switch). not sure of your year car but it might look something like this…


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I agree it’s probably the switch but low beams and high beams use separate breakers and not sure how you can tell a good one or not by taking it apart. My experience was just the opposite where the low beams would just go off on the highway and I’d have to switch to high beam to see where I was going. I pulled the fuse for the automatic photo eye and that took care of it, never to be properly fixed.

My Corolla multi-function switch is due for a replacement. Headlights ok, but left turn signal occasionally hesitates. If your Corolla is 10 years or older, suggest to ask you shop to test if that is the cause. Replacing that part (at least on my car) requires removing the steering wheel, so might be a little more labor-expensive that you might imagine. Make sure shop uses witness marks to insure steering wheel gets re-installed w/same orientation.

If you’re into more intense DIY, you may be able to remove and disassemble the switch, then clean the innards with electrical contact cleaner. This worked for me to fix an erratic MF switch on a Plymouth van.

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Sorry all, forgot to mention i did buy a new multi-function switch, and the problem is still there. Now, on saturday the highbeams workd as they should, my GF was out shopping and had no problem. When she came home, i decided to check it out, and yes, looks great for now. But, now the highbeams and lowbeams is on at the same time when i turn on the highbeams, i dont think they where like that before ?

Was thinking, is the blue indicator light on the dashboard (highbeam light) connected to the multi-function switch ? Or maybe the relay ? That blue light is not on when the highbeams is not working