2007 Nissan Titan 4WD Front Hub Noise Continues

I’m having the classic front hub failure symptoms on my Nissan Titan 2007. Low freq growl at speed and goes away about 80% on right turns at speed and stays the same with a left turn. From the many I’ve replaced in my life the reduced noise with a right turn typically suggest a bad right hub. I replaced with a new Timken and after the proverbial test drive, the noise was exactly the same.
I’ve read in a very rare few post, that on occasion it could be the left hub (or oppisite of what normally happens), the logic is the inner race of that hub is failing (thinking that there still is an inner and outer race in the hub). I’ve no doubt that this is a hub issue, but this is a strange one. Has anyone had this happen? It could be a bad new Timken hub, but for me that would be unheard of, and with the sound being exactly the same with no difference, makes me think it isn’t the new piece.
I’ll end up replacing the Left just to settle my mind…