07 Yukon humming/vibration from LF area

Hello, I have a 2007 Yukon XL 1500 5.3 4wd. The left front area has a humming/vibration when going above 40 and I have feel it a little more when slightly turning wheel to the right. Now before you say wheel bearings, below is the work I’ve done in the last month and in the order I did the work. This thing is driving me nuts. I’m not a mechanic… just a guy who owns tools… trying to learn.

About a month ago I started to hear a slight humming from left front, which got substantially worse pretty quick. I could hear it loud and clear going 30mph. I replaced the hub assembly (moog from Amazon). At the same time I replaced the caliper, pads and rotor (all AC Delco off Amazon- caliper was reman). Went for drive and the noise was gone! Well… until I hit 45 mph anyways, then it was back but not as loud but enough friction to create a subtle smoke when I got home after taking on freeway (at night, I could see the smoke with my flash light). I did some research, I see a lot of people saying a collapsed brake hose. So I then replace that. Didn’t fix the issues. Then I purchased half shaft and replaced that. Didn’t fix anything. Then, I thought, the new hub assembly I put in, it atleast got the noise half better so maybe it was a faulty hub assembly? So I got a carquest hub assembly from advance. Just got done replacing the hub assembly AGAIN. While doing it, I noticed the pins on the caliper bracket stuck in all way and wouldn’t budge. I got those free, lubed them and get them functioning again. Is this relevant? I have no idea. Anyways, took for a test drive and the noise is still there but probably half of what it was with previously replaced hub. Any feedback would much appreciated. I’ve just about had it with this truck! Thanks


Replace the caliper bracket. I think it is binding.

Your caliper piston is probably sticking.I would replace the entire caliper or rebuilt the caliper.

In what manner are you tightening the axle nut?


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I don’t have a torque wrench that goes higher than 150 ft lbs so I’m using my Milwaukee 1/2in impact. I’m sure that’s not the proper way but I did research on this and came to the conclusion that most people use an impact. Saying that, at this point I’m second guessing everything I’ve done up to this point.

That may be the problem.



it is ok to take the axel nut off with a impact gun but not to put it on. you are probably over tightening it.


I thought about this with the 2nd hub I replaced. I set my impact to the 2nd setting which is suppose to torque up to 150ft lbs. Then I put on 3rd setting and hit it shortly.

I could try and loosen the nut slightly and see if that does anything. Problem is I don’t have a torque wrench that goes that high.

Then don’t do the job if you don’t have the proper tools to do so.

I learned that very early.



go to your local auto parts like autozone. they have a free rent-a-tool program. you lay out the cost of the tool and you get it back when you return it.

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I’ve replaced a half dozen hubs the same way without issue. Maybe I’ve gotten lucky. But if this is the issue, seems to be an easy fix.

Good idea. Curious, is this something I could take the hub cap off and do it without jacking the truckn or should I jack it off the ground? Wondering if I could just knock this out in the parking lot of part store, haha.

Half dozen?

You were lucky.


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Probably more if you take into consideration the cv axles I’ve replaced as well and ball joints that require cv axle removal. Very lucky. Too bad I can’t bet on sports in WI.

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