RE: 07 4WD Avalanche with Unidentifiable Noise (discussion closed 2013)

I don’t know how the story ended with the 07 4WD Avalanche with the unidentifiable noise - he said, “The noise always occurs between 45-60mph (not rpm-related) there is a groaning sound and it is accompanied by a vibration in the steering wheel. it is especially noticeable when going around turns…”
He went on to say that he checked the hubs and they were fine, and decided that he would replace the tranny. I sure hope that fixed it.
I had the same problem on my 07 4WD Avi, and the hubs checked just fine, smooth as silk, with no loose play at all. But on a 1000+ mile trip just a few days later, the groaning and vibration grew worse, but only when I went around a left curve. I barely made it to my destination - the right hub failed. If it had been groaning and vibrating when turning right, it would’ve been the left hub. I replaced both at the same time. Beware! these hubs give little warning before total failure.

If the discussion was closed in 2013, I think you are asking a lot for everyone here to take the time to look back to this post and read all the comments. Then contribute to your new posting.

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Beware! these hubs give little warning before total failure.

I’d say a few thousand miles of a groaning bearing is more than a little warning.


Few thousand?? I changed mine with 50 miles of the noise appearing! It was such an obvious bearing noise it was the first thing I checked.