2007 Nissan Frontier - Top speed is 60 MPH

My 2007 Nissan Frontier SE 4x4 V6 4.0 wont accelerate after it reaches 55 or 60 MPH what’s up with that.

What happens when you try to accelerate? Do the RPMs go up or stay the same? If they go up I’d suspect transmission problems. If they don’t, you might have a clogged catalytic converter.

I just replaced both cats

Oh and the RPMs go up

Is the check engine light on? Is it an automatic? Or a manual? How many miles on it? Why did you replace the cats?

how much of the exhaust system was replaced? cats. resonators. mufflers?
whose idea was it to replace cats? has a mechanic inspected this vehicle?

Based on what you’ve posted, I suspect transmission problems. Assuming it’s an automatic, have you checked the fluid lately? How long since it was changed?

  1. Car won’t accelerate. Replace exhaust.
  2. Still won’t. Hmm, replace trans?

Is the check engine light on? Has your shop checked for engine/transmission diagnostic codes? The computer will respond to certain failures it detects by putting the vehicle in a reduced power mode. There should be diagnostic codes stored if that’s what’s happening. You may need a mode-6 real time parameter test, in particular for fuel trim.

Yet your “mechanic” chose to replace the cats?

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I wondered about that too but I presumed the cats were replaced for some other reason. You could easily be right, though.