Engine skips a beat

Hello, I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier, V6 manual speed transmission 135k miles. Recent belts changed, fairly new plugs, regular maintenance done.

My question is: when I’m in 2,3, and 4th gears, the engine seams to skip or miss a beat… not sputtering or back firing. no engine lights on, temp. gauge is normal, etc. It’s worse going up hills and more acceleration. Idles only slightly rough. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jason

When was the last time that the fuel filter was changed?
That would be my first suspect, especially if you don’t know when it was last changed.

Not quite sure, I only bought it 2000 miles ago. I did change the oil when I bought it so I knew it was up to speed and I also use fuel injector cleaner with every oil change… Could the cleaner have dumped grit into the filter and clogged it up? I’ll start with changing the filter, easy/cheap enough. Thanks for the suggestion VDCdriver!