2007 Lincoln town car congressional

Are the outside pilar lights between doors suppose to light up
Please advise

Thanks for your help

Yes, they are supposed to light up.
Unfortunately, replacement parts for that model are not available through Ford, simply because the Congressional" model consisted of aftermarket trim parts installed on the car at dealerships in the quest for a higher profit margin.

The formula is essentially to take a couple hundred dollars worth of mediocre-quality trim parts, add them to the car, and then charge–perhaps–a couple of thousand dollars for this “exclusive” model. Unfortunately, aftermarket parts that are installed by dealerships are rarely–if ever–of the same quality as OEM parts.

The “Congressional package” that dealers installed came from a company called Empire-Gaines Limousine Company–or something to that effect–based in NYC. That company may be out of business by this time, but it might be worth searching them out if you want to try to get replacement parts.

Are all of the lamps out? If so, I might suspect a wiring glitch rather than failed lamps. Since these cars are pretty much purpose built I can’t help you as to how they’re wired up.

A quick look shows the company mentioned by VDCdriver is still around so you might try contacting them for any information. Maybe they can point out the source of power to those lamps or will send you a schematic for a nominal fee.

Hidden in the bowels somewhere is probably a Two-Wire Twist that has failed… :wink: