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Idiot Lights

I got a used 2014 Honda Civic still under warranty. Early this morning I had aftermarket headlights installed with the new 5k lights (bluish white color light). While driving during daylight I briefly turned on the new head lights (early afternoon).

Later in the afternoon when driving i noticed that on the dashboard the ABS, brake, power steering icons went on and so I drove to the dealership. The battery was tested and was fine. So I have to bring the car in on Monday to have them check what is going on.

When I restarted the car all the icons went out, the car drove just fine. No problems. I drove the car another 25 miles to another town with no problems.
No icons on the dash came on. I drove back home and all looked fine. I had dinner with a friend and drove back home when it was already dark and turned the engine off. When I restarted the engine some of the icon lights came back on. I turned the engine off and restarted it and the icons went out. Any possible explanation? Could the new head lights be the cause? I was told it uses less wattage than the stock headlights.

It’s possible that the aftermarket lights are causing the problem. I have heard that some people cannot turn their engines off after installing aftermarket lights. The ECU is probably confused because of the lower voltage. That’s my guess. Good luck.

Be prepared for the dealer to blame the dash icon problem on the aftermarket lights.

The obvious thing to do is to go back to the stock lights, if that can be done easily.

I’d bet lunch that the aftermarket units are causing the problem.
Be prepared to pay for the diagnostic time. Your aftermarket units, it they’re determined to be at fault, will mean your warranty will not cover the problem.

…and just as some food for the OP’s thought process, it is not really a good idea to install ANY type of aftermarket electrical/electronic or mechanical equipment on a car while it is under warranty, as this can lead to problems with warranty coverage for other types of problems.

A few years ago, we had somebody post his/her tale of woe about installing a “super-performance chip” in their Ford Diesel pickup. That modification led to the destruction of the engine, and this problem was not covered by Ford’s warranty–nor should it have been. IIRC, that modification decision cost that person something on the order of $9,000 to remedy.

You can feel free to install all manner of body/interior modifications from aisle 9 at Wal-Mart, but try to suppress the urge to do electrical and/or mechanical modifications until after the car manufacturer’s warranty expires.

@“the same mountainbike”, what happened to betting your morning muffin?

I doubt that new headlights are causing the issue. You could prove that by removing the fuses to the headlights while the trouble is happening to see if the trouble remains or just turn them off if you don’t have DRL headlights. I tend to think the real problem is with the alternator. The warning lights are tied into the alternator circuit for testing purposes. When the alternator has certain problems it can cause more than just the battery warning light to turn on.

I’m doubting this is related to the new headlights. I think it is just a coincidence. No need to guess though, as posted above, just re-install the old headlights and see if the problem disappears.


Do you get a “CHECK SYSTEM” message displayed?
Is it an automatic or manual transmission?