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Engine Light

I’m new to this site and I’m sure this has been discussed a lot but any ideas as to who to take the car too. Besides a dealer!

I looked up Mechanics List but would like some more info from anyone who lives in the Millsboro DE area.


Towncar, Why Not Start At Your Friendly Auto Parts Store ?

Two things could come from a visit.

Thing 1:
Most large chains like Car Quest or Advance will scan your car for codes that have set your CEL or “Check Engine Light”. Call first and be sure that they offer this free service. Write down the codes exactly, in a format like PO123 or PO455 and post them here for better advice. Chances are the guys at the auto parts will try and tell you what they mean, but most often they are not mechanics.

Thing 2:
The auto parts guys sell parts to repair shops and often can tell the good ones from bad ones and may make some local recommendations.

That’s where I’d start. By the way, what model-year is the vehicle and about how many miles on it ? Oh, and is it a Towncar or some other Thing ?


Thanks wish I could have read this before I went to a repair shop. They did check it and said I need a fuel filter and it cost me $26 bucks. But, that’s OK at least I feel that I wasn’t ripped off.
It is a 96 Town car.

Did they happen to write down the error code on your invoice? It would look like “P1234”

Don’t be surprised if that light comes back on.

Yes I have it on the invoice but I didn’t read it - should I?

Yes. It probably was way overdue for a new fuel filter. However, that is unlikely to be why the check engine light was on. They probably reset the light. It will probably come back on after a few driving cycles.

SO I guess not too big a worry at this time??

If the light comes back on (and it probably will) find out what the actual, specific code was - a “P” with 4 numbers after it - and then post the code here. Either bookmark this thread or use the search feature to find it.

One possibility, though, is that you may have had a lean code (too much air or too little fuel) - maybe they checked your fuel pressure, found it low, replaced the fuel filter (this would be smart) and then the pressure was good. That’s about the only thing I can think of though. So if it comes back, get the code and post it. If it isn’t on the invoice, you can get them read for free at many chain-type auto parts stores (e.g. Autozone).