Dash Panel

I am athe fleet manager for a limo company. We have 5 lincoln town cars from 2001 - 2003. They all loose all dash reading except engine temp. and fuel. This happens at least once per trip. It goes out and comes back on at will. No one seems to know why. The entire dach panel has been replaced, and a speed sensor replaced, all to no avail. The dealer has no idea. Surely, there other Lincoln owners with this problem. Note: We have a 1999 with over 300,000 miles and has never had this problem. HELP!

After looking at some data on the model it looks to me the most likely source of the trouble would be the ignition switch. It has multiple switched sections and one appears to be intermittent. Have your shop check that out.

Thanks! No one has suggested that. I will check it out.

One thing that can cause the dash lights to act erratically on Ford products of these years is a defective PRNDL (prindle) switch. This switch tells the computer what gear the vehicle is in. You’re about the 20th person I’ve heard this problem about on a Ford vehicle. Try replacing the PRNDL switch on one limo. If that fixes the problem, replace all of them.