2007 Kia Spectra - recurrent squeal

I own a 2007 Kia Spectra that has had a squeal that keeps recurring from my power steering pump.I have changed the the pump 3x (used) and new belt 4x already. the squeal goes away for a few hundred miles than slowly comes back.What is happening ? I have owned the car for 4 years now and at a loss for what is going on . I find it hard to believe all 3 pumps were bad since it does quiet down for a little while. any one else having the same problem ?

Could be the rack. Or could be something binding creating excess resistance to the steering.

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maybe since the rack had a leak and I put Lucas conditioner in it.Lucas stopped the leak but the squeal was there before I used it. steering seams fine ,cars ugh… probably I’ll just replace the rack, the lines looks new,ish" rack is only $150.for a rebuilt one.the squeal goes away after the car is driven for a very little. 1/2 mile or so.

Have you tried tightening the belt? It is not unusual to have to adjust the belt after break-in.

yes,at first I used a Duralast belt ,but figured it was just a cheep belt. then I installed a Gates and it was fine for a while (1k maybe) ,then changed it again with the same ,again fine for a little then squealing after about the same mileage .tighten the belt to as far as I dare.without fear of trashing the pump bearings,no change. just a faint squeal right now .It usually shows up when winter arrives but disappears after the car is driven for a little while.

I just read on a Kia forum from people who did have the same problem. It was said that the hoses break down internally and could block the flow of fluid and imitate the sound of a loose belt. make sense ?

When the screen in the power steering reservoir is blocked the pump will whine, that is a different sound than a belt squeal. Cheap belts can squeak a bit, if you spray the belt with water and the noise goes away for a moment that would confirm that the belt is making the noise.