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Squealing power-steering pump

2002 Honda Accord with 106K miles. Power-steering pump changed 9/2008 and fluid changed 12/31. In the morning when I start my car I hear high pitched squeal. The wheels are straight. Does this mean I will need a pump soon? If is fails will I be in danger and or could it damage something else?

That sounds more like an engine belt is a little loose. It could be any of your belts.

Could be any of the belt driven devices,not necessairly the P/S pump,or not related to a belt driven device at all,on a morning start-up have the hood open with someone looking,maybe the source will be obvious. Why did you need a P/s pump?(what was the failure)

Do you start you car with the AC on? What is the history on your drive belt and tensioner?

Check the belt tension or for a worn belt tensioner/tensioner bearing.

One of the things people don’t realize is that rubber expands when it gets cold and shrinks when it heats up. This is why belts can begin to squeal when it gets cold.

Also, it probably isn’t the power steering pump causing the belt squeal. Instead it’s probably caused from the alternator coming on line to recharge the battery after starting the vehicle because that’s the job of the alternator.

So check either the belt(s) which you didn’t mention were repalced, the tension for the alternator belt if it has one, or the serpentine belt tensioner for wear.


I am sorry. I meant to say they replaced the BELT for the power=steering pump - NOT the pump.

No the AC is not on.

I am guessing that they checked the tension on the drive belt in Sept 2008.

I am out.

I’ll try again. You have more than one belt. It could be any of the belts that are not tightened properly, even the alternator belt, your guessing notwithstanding.

Thank you I will have them checked.