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Kia Spectra Steering Pump Issue

Have a 2009 Spectra and the power steering belt slips when turning the wheels and starting the car. Assumed it was the pump and replaced it with a salvage part … same problem. Entirely possible we got another bad pump but seems unlikely it would exhibit the exact same symptoms. Does anyone know if this is a common problem with this model? Is there anything else in the system that could cause the pump to seize up when turning the wheel? Any feedback is appreciated.

Have you tried replacing the serpentine belt?


Yes, the belt is in good shape. Took it by a local shop and their best guess was we just got another bad pump … will update when we get the next one installed.

You can’t determine if the belt is in good shape just by looking at it anymore.


The belt is not expensive so why not change it and see what happens?

Trueche. The new pump shipped today … I may go pick up the belt too. You do have to remove the alternator belt, at least, to get the PS belt off so some extra work involved.

Well, new pump is installed and it fixed nothing. I don’t believe the belt is the problem because the pump locks up hard enough to slowdown/stop the other accessory belts. Is there anything but the rack left in the system to cause this kind of issue?