2 problems with my kia

hello i have a 2001 kia sportage with exactly 78,450 miles on it and it has two problems both of which i want to get rid of because its very annoying.

problem 1. ok this has been going on for a while but it would happen randomly but now its everday. from the point of me starting the car to the point i shut it off the engine constantly squeals i know its coming from the pulley and i think its the power steering pump cause the sound only changes pitch when i move the steering wheel nothing else. my questing for this is, should i replace the whole pump or is there away to just change out the pulley part?

second problem. the brake on this car i know need to be changed soon but ive notice earlier on that when stopping the car lurches one every rotation of the wheel and im thinking i have a warped rotor and i was wandering should i get new rotors along with the pads or just pads and have the rotors machined?

If your power steering pully is squealing at the belt and pulley contact point, they you need a new belt. A pulley is never changed due to squealing. If it is the power steering pump bearing, then the pump needs to be changed. You can isolate exactly where the squealing is coming from with a piece of rubber hose. Put one end to your ear, and hold the other end with your hand and carefully move it around while the squealing is happening, until you pin point the suspect part. Just be careful around moving parts. For your second question, if you want to save money, you can try to get the rotors turned. Sometimes they are too thin to turn. Yes, even OEM ones that have never been turned. This is not like the old days when you could assume anything can be turned if it hasn’t been before. The minimum thickness should be stamped on the hub of the rotor somewhere. Understand if you do get them turned, they are more susceptable to warping again as they will heat up faster and easier if they are thinner. If you can affort it, change the rotors out with the pads.

sounds good i can probably go to auto zone and gfet some scrap hose to listen to the pump with and ya i really dont want to machine the rotors so more than likely im going to have to get rotors

“i can probably go to auto zone and gfet some scrap hose” Go to the hardware store garden center. Common Garden hose is great for this use.

go out to your front yard, cut a 2’ piece out of your garden hose, then go to the hardware store and buy a conector splice and put the hose back together. You’ll never miss the 2 foot piece.

thank you that sounds a lot easier ill robably splice it to out hose is well lets just say my brother likes to play with fire