2007 Jeep Compass

Ok this has never happened before but this morning I filled up and then when I got to the light the car stalled out. It started right back up but then after about 20 miles the engine light came on and then went right back off. Then when I slowed down to almost a complete stop on the highway it felt like it was going to stall again. It didn’t feel like it was running bad just weird things were happening. Then when I got off the highway and stopped at the light the lights where the gear locator was started flashing and when I put it in neutral they stopped. Not sure what is going but I looked it up online and some people had a similar problem when they filled up their tank. I don’t know if there is a loose connection or what it may be but the car ran goods considering.

Sounds like you overfilled the gas tank. It’s a very common problem. When the gas nozzle shuts off…stop pumping gas.

Start by having the fault codes read. Post them here.

I think the idle speed got so low that the engine computer thought the engine had stopped, so it turned on all the dash lights like it would if you had just entered the car and turned the key to on before cranking the engine. My guess is something wrong with the idle speed control. On many vehicles there’s a gadget called an IAC – idle air control. If yours has one, suspect that. Don’t replace anything however before reading out all the diagnostic codes and dealing with them first.