Stalls at idle

After leaving the interior light on in my 2000 JEEP Cherokee, the car wouldn’t start. After an all night charge it started but ran rough. I drove for about 10 miles and it stalled out at a stop sign. It drives ok at highway speeds, but stalls at idle. Could my old habit of pumping the gas to get it started have caused a problem with the fuel system?

No, because the fuel injection systems in newer vehicles prevents you from ‘flooding’.

If sometime you find the engine needs more fuel, push the gas pedal down slightly (and hold it there) while cranking.

You might want to have the IAC valve (Idle Air Control) checked or replaced and also clean the throttle body with throttle body cleaner.

How many miles do you have on since the battery died? When that happens you can loose all the adaptive information in the computer. This could be causing the problem. It is is, it will go away in a few more miles.