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2007 Jeep Compass Stalling after filling gas tank

This has been an ongoing issue for months. I fill up the Compass’s gas tank all the way and, at the next stop light or paused traffic, it will stall. My workaround is to fill the gas tank almost all the way full and it doesn’t stall. But, what could be causing this issue? I’ve seen repair suggestions for things such as power control module valve and connector switch for fuel pump, but haven’t seen anything definitive. Any ideas?

How are you judging ‘all the way full’ and ‘almost all the way full?’

But then the problem seems to be common among Compass owners

+1 @red_knox. A few Jeep oners have asked the same question and it seems to be the tank. I don’t know if any service bulletins have been issued.

Are you “topping off” the tank?

If so, you should discontinue the practice. Your EVAP system needs to be able to freely draw air in through the charcoal canister as gas is pumped out of the tank. “Topping off” the tank can interfere with this process by wetting the charcoal bed, making it hard to breath through it.

My definition of filling the tank is letting it run until it stops. I don’t continue to top it off after that, though.

@Rod_Knox, I read the link you attached. While it’s a bummer that I’ll have to replace the entire gas tank, at least I’ve got a solution. Thank you.

get a new gas tank cap.