2007 Jeep Compass dies after filling up the gas

2007 jeep compass. Every time I fill my gas tank up after words I go and have to stop. It will dye. It’s the only time it does it. It’s fine until fill up agian and it dyes after agien filled up.

When filling, do you stop filling the first time the nozzle shuts off ?

Or do you keep adding fuel to get as much gas as possible ?

My grandson was excited to kill the Easter eggs last year. He was the only person I knew that was confused about the difference between die and dye.

He, however is only 6 and was responding to hearing the word.

I agree, stop pumping when the pump shuts off the first time.

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Ask junior the definition of “excired”.

It seems that your fuel vapor system is being “flooded”. If the fuel tank can be overfilled the fuel tank over-fill control valve has failed, this will cause starting and idling problems.

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Missed the typo.