2007 jeep compass / stalling

i have a 2007 automatic jeep compass that is stalling. heres the thing, it only stalls when i am idle at a red light/stop sign. i also noticed it only stalls when its in drive. if i switch the car to neutral while stopped/idle it will not stall. i also notice this happens more frequently in the rain.

any idea what maybe causing the problem?


The problem might be with the Idle Air Control valve. This is what controls the engine idle speed anytime the accelerator is released.

This valve goes to different positions depending on the load on the engine at idle. So for example, if the AC is turned on at idle the valve goes to a position that prevents the engine from stalling from the load the AC imposses on the engine. Or if the steering wheel is turned when idling, the valve goes to a position that prevents the engine from stalling from the load impossed on the engine from the power steering pump.

So in your case, the valve may not be going to the proper position to prevent the engine from stalling when the vehicle is in gear, and the load from the drivetrain is impossed on the engine. But when put into neutral, the load on the engine from the drivetrain is removed and the engine doesn’t stall.


thanks tester! how costly is repairing something like this?

It may just be the price of a can of aerosol throttle body cleaner.

Sometimes removing the IAC valve and cleaning it of gum and varnish that may be causing it to stick, along with the idle air bleed port on the throttle body sometimes fixes this problem. Or the IAC may require replacing.


Hello Im having same problem same vehicle,I just cant locate the IACV,could it be that it doesn`t have one

Jeep calls it the Intake Runner Control Valve.



thank you so much