2007 Hyundai Tucson - Axles

I’m looking to have my brake pads and rotors replaced as my last visit to my local Pep Boys for my regular oil change resulted in the service dept. advising me that my pads and rotors are metal-on-metal and would need replacement. I have a Pep Boys coupon for $50 off per axle for any brake service package (the total cost to replace the pads and rotors for all 4 wheels is $700).

My question is how many axles does my vehicle have? I tried searching on Google but the results weren’t too helpful.


There are four wheels, so that means there are eight brake pads and four rotors.


You have 2 axle’s 700$ sound’s high unless you are in a big city or california. you need to find an indepent shop I would not trust pep boy’s to wash my window’s much less somthing like brakes that can affect your life as well as other’s on the road with you.


+1 to @Renegade’s answer. I wouldn’t let Pep Boys wash my window either. Heck, I won’t buy parts from them, only chemicals. They can’t screw those up! The parts are cheap junk. Run far, run fast to a good local independent repair shop.

Cheap work is no good and good work is not cheap … BUT driving is optional, stopping is not!

Good brakes are worth the cost!


Each pair of wheels is considered an axle. Front and rear make 2 axles. So that would be $100 off. You could buy all the rotors and pads for around $300. The shop will charge more than that for the service of procurement and some profit. The remainder is labor and shop supplies and disposal fees. For $600, it’s reasonable in this area.

If your brakes are metal on metal. they should be making horrible noises and stopping poorly. When looking for a bargain in field in which you have no expertise, you often only find cheap!

That chain-store shop will probably do a good job for you; but this might be a good opportunity to try out a local independent shop. Ask your friends, co-workers, fellow church goers, anybody you have a personal relationship with who they use to fix their cars. From that list choose 2-3 shops that work on Hyundai’s, interview them, and choose the one you like the best. The advantage of doing this now is that this sort of brake work is routine, unlikely to result in any weird problems, so you get a chance to see how the shop’s basic performance and how customer-centric they are. If it turns out to be good work, you are good to go the next time you need service. If you tell the shop owner that so-and-so recommended them to you, that gives you a little leverage. The shop owner will know that if you are aren’t satisfied with the shop’s work, you’ll be telling that to their other customer.

The cost info I’m seeing is

pads $80/pair, rotors $100 each, 1 hour labor per pad pair, 1 hour to replace all four rotors. There could be add’l stuff that needs to be done though.