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Brake Repair

I have an '05 Volvo XC90, 83000 mi. I was told that I need all new brake pads and rotors and was quoted $1600. Also, that I need ceramic premium pads, which are more expensive. How much should a repair like this cost? Also, is this a repair that should be done immediately…I’ve heard no noises from the brakes and the guy said they are almost metal-on-metal.

Walk away. And never go back. $1,600 for a brake job? This ain’t no Lamborghini!! The rotors cost more that a Toyota Corolla’s, but not worthy of a $1,600 repair.

Napa’s list price for ceramic pads for your vehicle range from $80 to $100 per axle.
The top of the line rotors for that vehicle list between $80 and $133 per rotor, depending on your wheel size (the 17" wheels costing more).

Assuming they use top of the line pads and rotors, it’s easy to see how the parts can be in the $600-$700 range. If those parts are actually needed, that’s a fair price.

That leaves about $900 for labor. I’ve not done a brake job on that vehicle, but the labor charge does sound high to me.

Way high. I just looked up in my repair guides, and the front and rear brake rotors are the ‘top hat’ design that don’t require the axle or hub to be disassembled. Just remove the caliper bracket and they slide off. This shop is trying to rip him off.

That price is EXTREMELY high…parts are high…labor is high…

I’ve NEVER done a brake job where all 4 rotors NEEDED to be replaced…Maybe one or two…but NOT all 4…

Find a better HONEST mechanic.

Who’s giving you this price quote? Is it a Volvo dealer? Is it a chain repair shop? Someone is trying to make a double boat payment.

I think you should get another opinion about the need for all new pads and rotors, as well as another estimate. It’s hard to imagine spending $1,600 on new brakes, even if all of those parts are necessary.

Did the car come with ceramic pads from the factory?

My husband was surprised that all four are needed at the same time, as well.

An independent garage. We have used them for a few years. My husband started getting suspicious of crazy prices a few months ago. Just read a review that said this garage has started raising prices. Shockingly, the Volvo dealer came in $300 less than this garage. I don’t know about the ceramic pads, although one garage said that the ceramic pads are not standard…I’m pissed at the garage and I think we’re moving on…

You’ll never get better then OEM brakes. Ceramic brakes are fine…But are they better??

Is the dealer replacing the same parts for $300 less??

Again…if all 4 rotors and pads were that bad…I have a hard time believing that you’d be able to stop the car. Are the brakes pulsating when you press on the brakes??? You or your husband should look at the rotors…After the car has been sitting for a while…look at the rotors…You should be able to see them through the wheels…Do the look and feel smooth??

If you’re NOT getting a pulsating feeling from the brake pedal and the rotors look and feel smooth then chances are you don’t need new rotors.

Find another good independent mechanic. I’ve personally seen someone who just needed front pads go to a shop and they replaced all 4 sets of pads and new calipers and 2 new rotors…When I inspected the job for her a couple of days later…the calipers did NOT look new…and I know they didn’t replace the rear-pads…and they the rotors were not replaced…Total cost - $800…And I’ll swear that all they did was replace the front pads…but she didn’t want to make waves…just chalked it up to lesson learned and never went back there.

I have had no trouble with the brakes at all…no noises, no shaking, no problems.

I’ve found a new guy who quoted me a decent price, but he’s going to look at it before we do anything and only put on what is necessary. All how it should be anyway.

Thanks for all the input, everyone!