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2007 Hyundai Santa Fe - rear blinker intermittently works

I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe that my mom bought for me, she is so awesome. It is kind of a lemon, we’ve had to fix several things on it already, but that’s neither here nor there. My situation is that randomly, the rear right blinker stops working, and the flasher light in the dash works, the front blinker on that side works, just not the rear. This happens at random. Then, randomly, it starts working again! I get flipped off all the time when that blinker stops working, so I rely on my hand signals until I can figure out what it is. I like to try to DIY as I tend to be pretty good at it when I can diagnose the issue. Any idea on what this could be? I do not have a physical copy of my manual, I use a virtual one from the internet.

I would try something simple first. It might just be dirty or corroded contacts. Remove the bulb, spray the the contacts with electronics cleaner such as CRC QD Electronic Cleaner. Then install a NEW bulb using dialectic grease (sometimes labeled as ‘bulb grease’ or ‘tune-up grease’).
If this does not work it will require more in-depth work using a multimeter.
Unlikely you have a lemon, a 12 year old car will develop problems.
Good luck


Thank you so much for the feedback! I truly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I guess the reason I said it was a lemon is because they said they replaced some stuff, which they definitely didn’t and they told me they cleaned it, but there were french fries inside the rear seat. There is a rip in the seat, which is that velvety fabric that they used some kind of super glue and it clearly burned the fabric like a cigarette burn would, but is in a large area. They lied about a lot.

I would bring this up with the manager/owner of the shop

Morally, they owe you an interior cleaning/detailing and an upholstery repair

But if the manager/owner disputes this and says he owes you nothing, it’s probably not worth pursuing

Free French fries!! yippee!!! Seriously, I wouldn’t worry much about stuff like that. You need a reliable car, so focus on that. My guess for the blinker is the multi-function switch. That’s connected to the lever you switch to turn on the blinker when turning. That’s a pretty common failure item in modern cars from the posts we get here. It’s a bit complicated to replace, involves removing the steering wheel, but still not that big of a deal for a good shop. If the shop wants to replace the mf switch right off the bat, find another shop, as this problem could lie elsewhere. Common sense electrical tests will guide the way. Oh oh, I’m getting hungry for French fries … lol .


Here you go


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Thanks for all the suggestions! I was worried it might be that switch…but I was hoping it wasn’t. You always can find an answer, it just isn’t always the one you want.



If Tester’s post above applies to OP"s vehicle, OP won’t have to remove the steering wheel to replace the switch. That’s a good design on Hyundai’s part imo. Still gonnna have to do battle with all those plastic trim parts. I can seldom get them to come apart without breaking some tab or another in the process.