2007 Hyndai Santa Fe flickering when brakes pressed

Hi everyone!

I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited AWD. I went to drive it yesterday, and when I pressed on the brake, turned on the left blinker, or had my wipers on, the lights on the dash, the radio, and the clock all started erratically blinking. No pattern or anything, just flickering. Apparently while all of those are flickering, my brake lights on both sides are also flickering, but not my headlights. It started up just fine, and it ran well. No steering problems or anything. We connected my dad’s battery to mine to juice it up a little to test that. It stopped for a while, but after I had driven about 15 minutes started right back up. I went to drive to work today, and the flickering was happening while I had my headlights on auto, but stopped after I just turned them on. I got my brake lights on my driver’s side replaced about a week prior, and it’s never done this before. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but it’s really the only change. Any ideas?

Any change in the engine output while this flickering goes on? If so, suspect a bad battery or ground cable.

If the engine runs fine through the flickering, then I’s suspect a bad connection to the dashboard or a bad ground for the dashboard as all these signals route through there. Do you hear a relay clicking while the flickering occurs.

A thought: re the brake light replacement, and this only occurs when you press the brakes, a short in the brake light socket causes a short when you press the brakes, which shorts out the circuits in the dash. But that should blow a fuse and even cause the engine to die.

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I think the engine is running just fine while it’s happening, and I haven’t heard any sort of clicking, but my engine runs a little loud (has since I bought it). I haven’t had any other loss of power, just that flickering.