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2000 Buick LeSabre

the rear left blinker stop working randomly. I have replaced the bulb and of course giggled everything to see fi there was a short, didn’t see any.

Does the left front signal light work? Properly or blinks real fast?

If the right front blinks fast then you may have a bad ground connection in the bulb socket or perhaps some corrosion.

It took awhile to get back to you because it was working fine. Then I was just out to check again and it was out in back and blinking fast in the front. I checked the right blinker front with the left front and the left was much faster. Once again tried the wack it method with no luck.

The bulb socket may have a bad connection. Get a test light probe and verify that power is getting to the socket connection while this trouble is happening.

can I just use my electric meter tester thing a majig? Sorry semi mechanically literate. I can do simple things like change an alternator or a belt but most electical things are a mystrey to me.

When I open the door the lights on the car automatically come on. The rear left blinker light comes on it is just a random blinker problems.