2007 Hyundai Accent - Help with MPG

It is giving only 19 mpg. What can I do to improve efficiency.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated, the suspension properly aligned and the brakes are properly serviced so they are not dragging. If there are ANY warning lights on the dashboard, get the car fixed! That little yellow engine symbol is telling you there is a problem. If you see it, get the car fixed.

The most important part of better fuel economy is you, the driver. Drive like there is a raw egg you are trying not to break under your gas pedal foot. Look far ahead to anticipate what traffic is doing. Letting off the gas pedal and allowing it to coast is better than getting on the brake, then back on the gas, then back on the brake driving in traffic. Not slowing to a near total stop when turning a corner will also help economy. Not saying race thru every corner, just try not to use the brake to slow so much! More speed uses more gas. That doesn’t mean be an impediment to traffic, just be aware.


+1 to Mustangman’s suggestions, but I can add a couple of additional ideas:

Stop tailgating!
Yes, I know that you don’t think that you are tailgating, but a HUGE percentage of the population doesn’t leave sufficient distance between their vehicle and the one ahead of them. The result is that you have to keep hitting your brake in order to not hit the car ahead of you, and then you have to compensate for the braking by hitting the gas again.
Follow the “three second rule”!

If you normally carry extra “stuff” in your trunk, unload it. All of those extra pounds can take a toll on your gas mileage.


One more thing: change the thermostat if it original or over 10 years old.

If the engine warms up and then stays at normal temp, I would not. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Did it used to get better mpgs?

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how much junk is in your trunk?

emptying unnecessary weight from your vehicle can help with MPG’s.
My grandfather complained about his 4 door sedan getting lower than normal mpg’s, and when I looked, his truck was full of bricks that he was carrying around for some sort of building project that he was hoping to get to. Probably 300 lbs of bricks and more weight in tools for this job that he never did.