Hyundai Accent mpg

My 2011 Accent gets 27MPG. It has 30,000+ miles, is driven a mix of town and highway, mostly moderately, keeping up with highway traffic. My 1995 Honda Civic regularly got 36mpg, and it was driven much more exuberantly. Is this a normal mileage for an Accent when my 2013 Camry gives about 32 mpg. All in all a disappointing car except for price. It is true you get what you pay for.

Look on Fuel and see what you are supposed to get. Check tire pressure, brakes for dragging. I am assuming no check engine light and the air filter has been checked? shows 30 mpg average, so you’re only 10% low.

" shows 30 mpg average, so you're only 10% low."

…which could certainly be accounted for by one (or more) of the following:

inadequate maintenance
length of daily drive
driver behavior

Why do people state the miles per gallon in absolute numbers. I check each fill up as a habit and my truck has gotten as low as 17 and as high as 21. Where I go and temperature and traffic all have a bearing on the MPG.

Hyundai has been slapped on the wrist several times for overstating their mileage. Also I think you Accent has a 4 speed automatic and your Camry has a 6 speed and electric steering to improve mileage.