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2007 Honda Odyssey - NC

How much it should cost to replace front motor mount on 2007 Honda Odyssey?

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Do you have a shop you use for car repairs and maintenance? If so then they can give you an estimate.

If you don’t then call a couple of places near where you would like the car to be serviced and get estimates. Also, get time/convenience estimates. Compare them and compare attitudes and friendliness of the employee(s). Choose.

Prices vary by location and besides, You probably don’t want to drive a great distance for this, so get local estimates and local service.

If you’re asking because you had the mount replaced then it’s a trick question and you’re withholding information by not telling us what it cost you.

There’s a wide price range for the part itself. The Honda original is complicated, hydraulic, and operates with vacuum and electrical inputs. The cheaper aftermarket ones are just rubber and metal.

Time to do the job is the other factor, as well as the rate charged by the shop.

If you’re interested, look online for youtubes of people doing this. That’ll give an idea of what’s involved.