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2007 Honda Accord sounds like something is broken on uneven road

when driving down a uneven road the car seems roll like something is broken in the back

Have your suspension checked.


But first look around in the trunk for anything loose, like the spare tire and any tools.


Yep, ur thingy is broke.


thanks i will have the suspension checked i will let you know the out come

                                      thanks   tom

I am having a hard time interpreting exactly what you are trying to tell us, but if you mean that the car is “rolling” (leaning) excessively to one side, that would be a clear indication that something in the suspension is in need of replacement.

If my interpretation is correct, then…

lol, yep, rolling could mean OP has no brakes!

But I suspect the OP meant swaying side to side, or porpoising front to rear, or likely a combination of both.


its like there is no shock on the right rear just coil spring i don’t know how to check if a strut is bad i pushed on the rear of the car and it was

                                         thanks  tom

As was said before , you need to have it looked at as it will not fix it self.

ok thanks, i will do that its hard to find a place right now every place i call say there are low on help

Even the Honda dealer? If you can’t find anyone else, they should be able to help.