2008 Honda Accord Rear Suspension Noise


I have a brand new 2008 Honda Accord Rear suspension noise, It will only happen when the road is not even or when I make a turn up hill or turn down hill, another word, the unbalance will create the noise from the rear left and right suspension.


May I suggest, if it still is under warranty, take it to the dealer.


The ultimate solution to the problem is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.

Take it back to the dealership and describe the symptoms. It is their responsibility to diagnose and to correct the problem. Any possible diagnosis that you offer will be ignored, so don’t even waste your time telling them what you think the origin of the problem may be. Simply report the symptoms.


I would certainly hope that a 2008 MY vehicle is still under warranty!


I took it to Honda Dealer twice, It seem like they don’t know how to fix or they don’t want to fix it? The last time I took it back, they said they have fixed it, The sound disappear 2 days, now the sound is even worst!! I would really like to know what happened. I would be really appreciate if some one can tell me what kind of problem can this be? This car is only 3 weeks old!!!


Take a test drive with the Service Advisor before and after the work is done. This kind of concern can be really hard on the tech. Hopefully the Service Advisor will then drive the car and demonstrate to the tech exactly what noise concerns you and how to duplicate the noise. This concern has “could not duplicate” written all over it. Return trips to the dealer doesnt do anyone good


From this distance, nobody can diagnose a sound that we cannot hear. If the dealership has not been helpful, then you need to refer it to the Factory Zone Representative. If you consult your Owner’s Manual, you will find contact information for your region of the US.

And, to repeat what I stated earlier, dealerships will not and can not use a diagnosis provided by a car owner. They have to follow standardized diagnostic procedures provided by the car’s manufacturer. Just refer this matter to the appropriate people at Honda of America, report the symptoms and the dealership’s failure to remediate the problem, and allow the “factory people” to do their job.

If all else fails, then you may have to rely on the Lemon Law
for your particular state. This information can also be found in your Owner’s Manual.


Thanks everyone who replied. The sound has been fixed, It was the noise coming from rear speaker panel and body join.