2007 Ford Focus Electrical Issues

A couple years ago my car got stuck in Park, in which I had discovered my brake lights and a few other electrical fuses blew at the same time. It has happened randomly about 4-5 other times since, in which I take it back to the dealership and they “fix it” temporarily. After about a 1 1/2 years of no trouble, it happened again, and the dealership traced it back to the GEM module, which they replaced for me. Electrical components I forgot I had (like automatic locking doors) came back- for about a week. I got stuck in Park again, lost my break lights, as well as some other functions. I haven’t noticed this problem on the focus with other discussions. Now it has added to much time in the shop, multiple FORD dealerships unable to fix it properly, and lots of wasted money. Anyone have any suggestions? Shouldn’t a new electrical unit fix the problem?

“Shouldn’t a new electrical unit fix the problem?”

Not if it’s a wiring problem. Find the best electrical diagnostician you can.

I doubt the GEM module is causing the trouble. I would want to know what every load that fuse is suppling power to. If something extra has been tapped onto the circuit that would be the first suspect for the issue. Since the brake circuit is involved it means that power is ON at all times. If the trouble occurs when you press on the brake pedal then the wiring between the brake lights and the pedal switch needs to be checked. If there is a towing harness installed that should be checked for an issue.

Has the shop offered any advice on why it keeps getting stuck in Park? Does this occur when parking on a hill? If so, one work-a-round Ray and Tom mention for this is to always apply the parking brake firmly before shifting into Park.

In talking to multiple mechanics, I was told the mechanism to get it out of Park is part of the electrical system. Its not when I’m on a hill, its just when I first turn the car on, I can’t get out of Park so I have to do the manual method (The brake no longer disengages the park). The fuse had originally been inter-wired with the brake lights, and a 3rd mechanism, so when the fuse blew, it would blow all 3. Through the many fixes, fuses have been checked and replaced multiple times and bulbs have been replaced, wires have been spliced so that they are not connected and run on their own circuits. This last time when they replaced the gem they said all circuits isolated and traced to gem module and brake switch.

Ok, I see. It’s the Brake/Park safety interlock function that’s on the fritz, so there’s been some kind of work-a-round wired in for that.

If you could post the respective pages of the schematic and what all changes have been made as work-a-rounds, folks here may be able to offer up a suggestion or two. Without that info to review, it’s hard to say. You’d think a Ford dealership could fix it. But sometimes the dealerships prefer to focus on warranty work, and I expect this is out of warranty. Try asking friends, co-workers, even a tech at the ford dealership shop, for recommendations of which inde shop in the area is the best for Ford electrical repair.

I think the short answer is to stop taking the car to the Ford dealerships

I have nothing against them personally . . . but the guys working on this problem are probably fairly young, not that experienced, and may not have the patience required to resolve this problem

I suggest taking it to a reputable independent shop

Ask around if there’s a shop that’s known to have a guy who’s competent with electrical issues. If you find such a guy, and he has access to the wiring diagrams, manuals, etc., he’s the one that will fix this car for good