2002 Ford Explorer Door Freezing

Has anyone else experienced any freezing problems? My Explorer freezes up tight when it gets wet and than cold overnight. The doors freeze shut and are extremely difficult to open. After getting in if you open the door the habdle mechanism freezes open so you can’t close (latch) the door. Is there a defect in the weather stripping?(mine seems to be as manufactured) The window also freezes closed and can’t be opened. It seems that the weather stripping at the bootom of the window and top of door allows water to penetrate and freeze.

Any suggestions? Is there a kit to change the existing weather stripping? Does Ford know of the problem?

Silicone spray on the rubber parts and WD-40 (WD = Water Displacement) on the metal parts. Get the water out of there.

I use spray wax on the seals, applied with a rag or towel. You can use all the stuff mentioned together.

Keep the snow cleared from the roof of your vehicle if you don’t already. Lubricate the door latch with some light grease. Someone might have used something too heavy for cold temperatures. You might have to remove the door interior to get to what is sticking.