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2007 Dodge Nitro grinding noise on hard turn

I have a 2007 Dodge Nitro 3.7L, 6-speed manual. When I go into a hard right turn, like on a highway ramp, I hear a loud rubbing/grinding noise. When I straighten out on the highway, the noise slowly fades until it is gone.

I could be wrong but it sounds like one of your front wheel bearing is going bad.An independant mechanic will check that for you.

I took it to a Dodge dealer today. I was told it could be the rear differential, at a repair cost of up to $1,400.00. IF that did not stop the noise, then they would open and examine the transfer case. If the transfer case needed repair it could cost up to $2,200.00. IF that did not fix it, then it could be the transmission, of which replacement is not recommended. Am I nuts, or does this seem like it came from Mars? I’m going to continue to drive it until I either figure out where the noise is coming from, or if and when the noise becomes continuous and is easier to pinpoint. When I’m going straight, or turning a corner at a slow speed, there is no noise. BTW, the dealer charged me $140.00 for their diagnosis.

Where does it sound like it is coming from, front or back of the vehicle? If the noise only occurs on right turns, and seems to be coming from the front end of the car, but not on left turns, seems unlikely a transfer case or differential problem. I have no experience with that make/model mind you, but where I’d focus is a problem on the left side of the car. Wheel bearing, axle shaft (cv joints), or looks for marks where the wheel is rubbing against the fender liner, etc. My guess the problem is the left axle inner cv joint. Check the boot, see if it has split.

It sounded to me like it was coming from the front, but it’s hard to tell. So… I just ordered a STEELMAN 97202 Wireless Chassis EAR Automotive Listening Device Kit Noise Finder. Considering the possible cost of the repair, I think I will end up saving a lot more than it costs. I should have it in about a week and I will post my results.

You paid $140 for guesswork, not a diagnosis. Check the front CV joints. Your plan to pin down where the noise is coming from is a good one if the CV joints are okay. image

I returned the EAR device before I used it while it was still within the return window. Then, I took my Nitro to a privately owned repair shop where they found and repaired the problem. It was a loose heat shield that moved over during right turns and touched the driveshaft. It cost me $97.50 total to have it repaired. Now, to confront the dealer about their bogus estimate. I think the dealer’s tech didn’t even try to figure out where the noise was coming from.

Glad to hear that you got this fixed at at such a reasonable rate.


I took my repair receipt to the dealer and was refunded for my guesstimate without any hesitation whatsoever.