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Grinding noise -- rather, feel -- when turning at very low speed

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel pickup. When I turn the wheels left or right at a very low speed, such as turning into a parking space, for example, I “feel” some sort of grinding. I do notice it sometimes when starting off from a stop in a straight line, but most notable when turning the wheels. What in the heck is that? Is it wheel/hub/bearing related or transmission related? I recently had a sensor replaced in the transmission at the Dodge dealership, but no mention was made about other transmission problems by the shop manager. I will appreciate your help and comments.

Check wheel bearings first.

Is this truck equipped with 4WD?

Sorry I didn’t state that – it is a 2-wheel drive.

In that case, have the wheel bearings checked.

I received your response and one other response to my inquiry. Both of you share the same opinion. Thank you so much. I will have the bearings checked. Any idea as to the cost of repair? Thanks.

I received one other response to my inquiry, and both of you are of the same opinion. I will have the bearings checked. Do you have any idea or ballpark figure as to repair? Thanks so much.