2007 Dodge Charger- Problem child?

Is there a lot of problems with the 2007 charger SXT 6 cyl?

You could at least say why you are asking. Do you have one of these 13 year old cars or thinking of buying one . I doubt that they all have the same problems or the problems may have been fixed by now.

I was thinking about buying this 2007 Dodge Charger SXT, what if any problems does this car have?

Simple , you pay a shop about 125.00 to inspect the vehicle for you to see if it has any problems . That is all you can do for any used vehicle and that does not guarantee you won’t have problems .

Thank you, I might ask the seller if he would let me do that.

If he won’t, run away from the car! The seller is trying to hide something… a BAD something, an expensive something

Right, if the seller won’t let you have it inspected, he’s likely hiding something. Walk away.

As far as problems…go to carcomplaints.com.

I have heard they are terrible in the snow.

I think rear wheel drive cars are a lot of fun in the snow. I was in my 40s before I drove my first front drive car and of course all of the trucks I drove were rear wheel drive.

I still don’t know what to do if I overcook a front drive car in a corner in the snow. ABS or not, they just seem to plow straight to the outside of the corner. As a result I don’t throw them around in the snow like a rear wheel drive.

Much will depend upon how it was driven, how many owners it has had, how well it has been maintained, and considering that it’s 13 years old I would suspect a careful inspection would reveal some needs.

Take a hundred of them and 50 might be great cars and the other 50 could be rolling junk. Flip a coin. A thorough inspection can move the odds into your favor a bit but there are many things on a 13 year old car for which there is no valid inspection or testing method to guarantee something won’t fail at some point.

There’s a few known problems with these, the transmission getting stuck in park being one of many things that could go wrong.