2007 Dodge Grand Caravan worth buying?

2007 dodge grand caravan v6 with 110,000 miles: good vehicle to buy?

Same old answer: Have a mechanic inspect it for about 100 to 150 dollars and it will improve your chance of buying a decent used vehicle. Each vehicle stands on it’s own and the proper price is what you are willing to pay.
Besides the past problems listed on some web site may have been solved in the past 11 years.

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We like our 2007 - the last year the shorter version was available. But it has started to rust around the rear wheel wells and bottom of the tailgate. Life in MN and WI includes that tendency. Strut tower rust was not a problem on this generation. Consumer Reports says these vans are much worse than average for repairs as they age, but that has not been a deal breaker for us. Average has gotten so much better in general the last couple decades.

allpar.com has loads of info about Chrysler products. Worth a look if you are interested.

The late friend of my wife had one, and it was relatively trouble-free. She only accumulated about 70,000 miles on it by this month, but it developed rattles and small items showed signs of wear.

If you don’t drive much, such a vehicle, which sells very cheaply, can be a good choice. They don’t cost an arm and a leg to keep running.

If you drive a lot and depend on it for work, stay away; a Toyota or Honda minivan is a better choice.

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