2007 Dodge Charger transmission troubles?

Hello all,

I have a 2007 SXT with only 30K miles (hasn’t been a daily driver until recently lol). It’s been driven almost daily for the last couple of years now. About a week ago I was driving and pulled up to a stop sign, when I tried to proceed the car would not move. I put it in park, shut it off, turned it back on, threw it in drive and it drove fine. Today the same thing happened. Came home and hooked up my predator tuner to see if any codes would pop-up, but did not get anything.

Here is what I’m hearing:
1)With the key int the ON position without starting the car there is a faint continues whistle/whine coming from around the alternator area. I can also hear clicking coming from the same area. It sounds almost like a clock.(may be unrelated)
2)With the car running, shifting from P to R, I hear clicking/clunking noise when in R. Then shifting into D with my foot on the brake I hear a short 1 second whine ( low pitch whine, almost like brake squeal )

Have not found any puddles/dripping on the floor. Any ideas?