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2007 Chrysler Sebring - Accessories come on, but vehicle won't start up

everything comes on when key is turned it just wont actually fire up

2 thoughts come to mind from expierience, 1st, just because lights and guages come on battery could have a bad cell, does everything including headlights go out when you try to start? If yes, bad battery connection or weak battery, try jump starting…2nd, is it an automatic? Assuming yes, if it will not attempt to start in park position, move shift lever to N (neutral) and try to start, if success then your P (park) safety switch has gone bad or become loose, its “typically” right under the plastic around the shifter but could also be on the transmission near shift linkage

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Does the engine turn over as usual - except it does not start and run? Or does it fail to turn over (crank, spin, rrr-rrr-rrr)?

It turns over but does not start and run

If it turns over slowly check battery , alternator and connections. If it turn over normally, could you be out of fuel?

If you have fuel, spray some starting fluid or carb cleaner in the air intake. If it fires up briefly, you have a fuel delivery problem. If it does not fire up with startinf fluid , you likely have an ignition problem. If it cranks really fast but doesn’t dtart, broken timing belt if you have one.


Thank you have tried and checked all this except timing belt will check that tomorrow.

A bad crankshaft position sensor will prevent the engine from starting.


Thank you! We’re trying every suggestion we get. Literally the only thing it doesn’t do is start up.

If it’s no fuel, try the key dance: key to Run (not all the way to Start) and the fuel pump should run for a couple seconds. Then key to Off and back to Run for another few seconds. Each cycle brings fuel and fuel pressure up the the engine (if the fuel pump is running.) When you turn the key all the way to Start, does it now start?

If it was a no fuel issue, it would have started with the starting fluid.

Yeah it has fuel

Fuel pressure?
Fuel delivery?
Or just fuel in the tank?
Which engine? Only the 3.5 L engine has a timing belt and that is a rare option.