2007 Chrysler Sebring acts like it has no power

Car acts there is no power, replaced alternator and still not running. Check engine code said alternator. When you step on the gas sounds like it is not getting gas. Had transmission checked out it is ok. What’s wrong with it?

You post is as clear as mud. “Car acts like there is no power” Did you mean there is no battery power and the car won’t start, or did you mean the engine lacks zip and the acceleration is sluggish?

You replaced the alternator and still not running. What is not running" The engine, the starter, or something else?

There is no engine code that says alternator. Engine codes say Pxxxx.

If it is not running, what would stepping on the gas sound like.

I am glad your transmission is OK but I don’t think anyone reading you post could have any idea of what is wrong, much less a way to fix a problem you have not given a good description of.

That is probably the reason you have not had any responses in 14 hours. I think a lot of people just read your post, sighed, and moved on because it was too much troble to try to figure out what you meant.

I’ll guess that the Powertrain Control Module has detected a fault with the electronic throttle control, this will illuminate the check engine light and the lightning bolt symbol, this will disable the accelerator pedal. The lightning bolt symbol may be what inspired someone to replace the alternator but that is not what that light is for.

You will need to begin with reading the fault codes before starting diagnoses.