No start


I have a 2004 chrysler sebring the car would not start i check the fuses replaced atm20 still dose not start can it be the starter if so where is the starter on this car


What happens when you turn the key? BTW, you’ve already said it wouldn’t start.


nothing happens when i turn the key on no click i get power i check the fuses i found one fuse out check starter relay all ok its a 2.7 can it be the starter


I dont have a wiring diagam for the start circuit on a Sebring, so I cant be much help on this.

But, since you say it has a starter relay have you checked for voltage from the ignition switch at the starter relay?

If it’s not there the ignition switch or the neutral safety switch are the most likely problems.


does the ding sing sound with the door open? do the interior lights come on? does the radio come on?
maybe the battery is dead, or you need a new battery.


Unless there is a major short in the ignition system somewhere, a broken or seriously corroded cable connection or the battery is stone dead, there should have been at least a ‘click’ from the starter solenoid.

Have there been starting issues before now?

Was any recent work done to the vehicle?


You could remove (unattatch) and clean the battery terminals. Disco…Disconnect.


I have lots of power to the car its not the battery i have not had any trouble with the car in three years some one said check the fuses i did find one burn out that whey i am thinking if it could be the starter is there a way to test the starter thank you


Did you try putting the car in neutral and see if it starts. Could be something as simple as a neutral safety switch.


dont just replace the starter. that may NOT be the problem!

do you understand the reason for putting the car into neutral, and trying to start it then, then put it back into Park, and try it then?

try wiggleing the shift lever when turning the key. there MAY be a problem with the mentioned neutral safety switch. sometimes the switch goes bad. IF, and that is only a possibility, If you get it started you should drive it directly to a mechanic to get it fixed. it may or may NOT start again!


Also what fuse did you replace? Underhood fuse box #?


yes i tried putting it into neutral then in park back and forth no go the fuse i change was starter relay part number is 4638094


There is a fusible link that runs from the starter to the alternator, is that intact ?


So you changed the fuse for the starter relay and the relay?


no i have not check the fusible link can you please tell me what to look for . and yes i change the starter relay should i buy a tester for all the fuses just to be on the safe side and can you tell me what kind of tester