2007 Chrysler Pacifica Fueling Problem

2007 Pacifica with 4.0 will not fill unless you dribble the fuel into the tank. I have cleared the vent hose and know it is clean. Do I need to change the Carbon Filter and Solenoid/Evaporation Valve on the Front of the Carbon Filter?

I occasionally have the same problem with my '05 Pacifica, and I also get occasional purge flow error codes. So i think you may be on to something. Does your “check engine” kight come on?

Nope, No check engine light. The fuel gauge has a dead spot in it I think that is a separate issue though with fuel sensor in the tank. Goes to half a tank then drops off to empty. Occasionally comes back up to half a tank.

You have a venting problem with the fuel tank, service bulletin 14-001-09 Rev. A has a test procedure to identify to problem.