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2007 chrysler pacifica bleeding the fuel pressure


Just change my fuel pump and my car is not restarting. Searching the web I am under the impression that I may have to bleed the fuel pressure. Could you please provide detail instructions on how to do this?

Thanks a lot,


Are you sure the fuel pump was bad ?

There may have been nothing wrong with it and you still have your original problem.


Turn the ignition switch to the run position for two seconds and then turn the ignition switch off.

Repeat this a half dozen times.

This should re-prime the fuel system so the engine starts.


Hey It_s_Me, there was no sound from the pump and I was getting current to the pump, so that to me was a good sign that the pump was bad.

Hey Tester, I tried but still no luck. Since I changed the pump now I can hear it buzzing for a couple of seconds, the one thing I never noticed before is that I also hear a buzz when I turn the key off. Anyhow, the engine will turn, get a super fast start, and then goes off. It feels like when you runout of gas, you put the gas and the way the engine tries to start the first couple of tries.

Any suggestions?

I don’t think that is supposed to happen. You may have a faulty ignition switch or pump relay.

My guess is the replacement pump is faulty. Is this an oem part you purchased at a dealership? Or a big-box auto parts store version? If you feel the pump isn’t the problem, and there’s no visible leaks, a fuel-pressure test is probably next.

Thanks for your reply! I have been searching the web and I am finding contradictory information, in one place I read that my car does not have a fuel pressure testing port, and another says that there is no port you will need to disconnect the fuel line at the rail and install a tee from the fuel gauge set. I also read somewhere that the test should be done with the car on… well, that is my problem, my car is not starting! My second problem is that there is no guide or drawings pertinent to my car, just generic ones… Would anyone happen to have detail info on how to do this in my car? The car is the 4.0L.

Also, I am wondering if I am having another problem as well, like something electrical? I already rechecked the fuse in case it got damaged after I replaced the pump.


There are various ways to configure a fuel pressure gauge to test fuel pressure. Mechanics have a box full of various adapters I presume. I’m just a diy’er. On my VW Rabbit I had to make up a test adapter to tap into a flexible fuel line. On my Corolla I remove the cold start injector and use that port to install a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail. On the Pacifica’s 4 L V6 , apparently it has some sort of test port to attach a fuel pressure gauge, from what I see in the service data. Fuel pressure can be tested without starting the engine. With the ignition on (engine not started) a scan tool is used to turn the fuel pump on, then fuel rail pressure should be 58 +/- 5 psi. There are other fuel pressure test that are normally done too, but that’s where to start. If it doesn’t pass that test, no need to do the others. Never personally worked on a Chrysler myself. . Suggest to secure the Chrysler-approved procedure for checking fuel pressure and follow all its safety precautions. Working w/gasoline can be hazardous.

Do you think that a scan tool could help me diagnose my problem. After a great deal of research, I found this guy who described having a similar problem as mine. The engine had bad engine mounts, and it seems that the constant pulling back at forth damaged a few of the PCM box. There is a chance thought that if those wires get exposed enough they can fry the PCM box as well. I was also wondering if the scanning tool could help determine if the ignition coil is working properly.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated

Explain more about what has happened up to this point. Presumably you’ve been driving this vehicle for some time w/few or no problems. And even just recently your 2007 Pacifica was running fine, no check engine light, no diagnostic codes, everything ok, no problems; then what?

is it possible to disconnect the fuel line from the rail and guide it into a clear water bottle. Then turn the key to the run position and see how much fuel is pumped into the bottle. That should give you at least an idea whether or not the pump work OK or not.