Is it the starter?

O hve a 2005 chevy equinox lt v-6. 2-3 times a week when u go start it makes a grinding noise like I left the key in too long but it does not turn over. The only way the car will start is if I give it gas as I try to start it help me please.

You need a new battery.

I thought I read that but I have never had my starter grind from my battery being bad are you 100% sure?

No, but stop by an auto parts place that does a free battery check, if it passes then we go to level 2.

Please give us your definition of “turn over”.

Does the starter seem to crank the engine?

It just grinds and the car will not start unless u give it gas I read somewhere it could be the PCM/ECM on the powertrain

I read somewhere it could be the ECM/PCM on the powertrain being damaged to by some other web pages what do u think

I think as stated previously "No, but stop by an auto parts place that does a free battery check, if it passes then we go to level 2.

Idle Control Valve can do a lot of strange things. That is supposed to take care of the need to press the throttle with your feet when you start the car. If I understand correctly that the starter itself runs, which you describe as grinding, but the motor does not fire until you give it some throttle with your foot, to me, not the finest expert on this URL, it points at the Idle control valve. Of course, it could also be clogged which does the same thing as not working.

The idle control valve works by opening a small source of air to the engine, controlled by the engine computer. If it is clogged or sticky no air can get in by the valve, yet when you give it a bit of gas with your foot, it gets enough air to run.

Does it tend to die when you stop at lights? Watch the rpm meter if you have one.

Agree with irlandes. Also, if it were a defective ECM/PCM (engine computer), it wouldn’t matter what you did with the gas pedal. It still wouldn’t start.
A dirty air intake tract, including the idle air control valve (iacv), can be cleaned. Use a Throttle Body Cleaner to spray clean the intake tract, iacv, throttle bore and plate. Try it!

So the starter makes the engine go roundy round. I assume that is what you are calling grinding. THAT’S called turning over by the rest of us. That being the case, it’s not the starter or the previously mentioned battery.

The idle control valve is a good place to start, but who knows what the Chinese may havec designed into the Equinox engine.