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2017 Equinox won't start

Hi all, Hoping I can get some guidance here. My 2017 Equinox 4cyl AWD won’t start. I installed a Brake Buddy to tow behind my motorhome and after installation I cannot get it to start up. I did pull the entire fuse block under the hood to gain access to the firewall to run wires. I’m wondering if maybe it is in some type of theft mode or something else. I am showing the CEL light is on now with code P12a6. It did start and run for maybe 5 seconds, just enough for me to back out of my driveway before it died. Any ideas?

Hi I had the same problem with my gsm terrain found out it was a loose fuse in fuse box inside engine compartment good luck

Any suggestions? I’ve went back through everything I did, I’ve swapped relays, nothing is working.

Sorry Jim just noticed your reply, very slow internet here. I will go through and double check.

Start with the relay and fuses for the fuel pump. That’s what the 12a6 is pointing to.

Had it towed today. Ended up being a broken wire back by the pump is what the dealership told me. Appreciate the help guys.